Pilbara Gold Project


Arrow Minerals has a 100% interest in 615km2 of exploration licences in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. The tenements are prospective for conglomerate (Witwatersrand-style) and basement (orogenic) gold mineralisation.

Arrow Minerals recently completed a geological review of its tenements in the Pilbara Region, where companies including Novo Resources Corp. (TSXV: NOV), Artemis Resources Limited (ASX: ARV) and De Grey Mining Limited (ASX: DEG) have announced significant conglomerate and orogenic gold mineralisation. The review has confirmed the presence of sediments and conglomerates which are the stratigraphic equivalent of the Central and West Rand Formations which host the majority of the gold deposits in the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa.

Pilbara Gold Project (red) and surrounding tenements

Prospectors have recently completed a reconnaissance exploration programme at E47/3476 to explore for alluvial gold shedding off prospective conglomerate horizons. Several gold nuggets were discovered as well as considerable evidence of previous prospector activity throughout the tenement.

Pilbara Gold Project (red) and surrounding tenements

Arrow Minerals has completed a targeting exercise over E47/3476 (north) and E47/3478 (south), highlighting nine (9) conglomerate or basement gold targets. Paleoplacer gold within the Witwatersrand Basin is often associated with detrital uranium providing a useful targeting tool for the Pilbara due to the abundance of outcropping bedrock. The Company has reprocessed available radiometric surveys, highlighting seven (7) conglomerate gold targets with uranium anomalies over mapped conglomerates and meta-sediments of the Mallina Basin.

Radiometric map (U2/Th) with surface geochemical anomalies and gold targets

Historical surface geochemistry data was also reviewed as part of the targeting exercise with three (3) of the uranium anomalies having coincident elevated gold in stream or gold in soil values, enhancing the prospectivity of the prospects. The remaining four (4) conglomerate gold targets have not had any previous exploration over them and remain high priority targets.

The two (2) basement gold targets are located along significant shear structures splaying off the Mallina Shear which hosts De Grey Mining Limited’s (De Grey) (ASX: DEG) Indee Gold Project and the Blue Moon Prospect and associated nuggets, which was recently acquired by De Grey. Target 1 is a gold-arsenic anomaly situated along splay faults off the Mallina and Wohler Shears. Target 2 is located along the same structure as the Blue Moon Prospect and is also a coincident uranium anomaly within conglomeratic sediments.

Arrow Minerals is currently undertaking a review of its recently acquired tenements (E45/5042 and E45/5043) which were pegged over the prospective Mallina Basin and the Tabba Tabba Shear adjacent to the Cooke’s Hill gold mine.