Dassa Gold Project

The Dassa discovery is in the western end of the Vranso Project. Dassa is a grass-roots discovery by Arrow minerals, first drilled in late 2019. Since then 12,672m of drilling have been completed at Dassa in the Divole West exploration permit, resulting in two significant zones of continuous, shallow oxide gold mineralisation with gold grades up to 45g/t Au. Drilling at Dassa targeted a structurally favourable location on the Boromo Shear Zone in an unexplored part of the Birimian Shield of Burkina Faso.  The discovery remains open laterally and at depth.

The mineralised zones are hosted predominantly by siliciclastic sediments, with localised quartz veining.  Mineralisation is at very shallow depth, mainly within the oxidised zone, and is underlain by granitic intrusive rocks that are also altered and contain sporadic elevated gold concentrations. Over 60% of the drill holes intersected mineralisation of at least 1g/t Au, with some of the most significant intersections show in Table 1.

Table 1: Selected gold intersections

Hole ID             From    Intersection      Including
DW-RC-19-001  21m     33m @ 1.9g/t   9m @ 4.3g/t
DW-RC-19-002  2m       17m @ 3.3g/t   13m @ 3.8g/t
DW-RC-19-00*10m       8m @ 2.0g/t     3m @ 4.9g/t
DW-RC-19-00622m       23m @ 1.0g/t   3m @ 3.2g/t
DW-RC-19-007  2m       4m @ 3.2g/t     1m @ 7.5g/t
DW-RC-19-025  68m     8m @ 1.7g/t     2m @ 4.3g/t
DW-RC-19-030  79m     5m @ 2.9g/t     3m @ 4.1g/t
DW-RC-19-032  53m     3m @ 15.1g/t   1m @ 44.7g/t
DW-RC-19-034  31m     13m @ 2.4g/t   5m @ 3.2g/t
DW-RC-19-035  47m     8m @ 2.4g/t     5m @ 3.1g/t

The northern section of the Dassa discovery shows continuous gold mineralisation (+1g/t Au) over a strike length of over 500m (see map).  Higher grade gold occurs at the northern end coincident with thickening of the shallow-dipping sediment sequence.  Surrounding granitoid rocks are mineralised as well, but typically with lower gold grades.  The next phase of drilling in the northern sector is planned to test the extent of the open-ended mineralised zone, primarily in the sediments.

The southern Dassa zone is similar to the north in that the primary higher-grade gold is mainly confined to sedimentary rocks, with some mineralisation also hosted in the underlying intrusion.  Gold mineralisation (+1g/t Au) is continuous over a strike length of over 300m.